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Reluctant Soldier, Uneasy Veteran recounts Mark Fleming's year as a soldier in Vietnam and the impact of that experience in the years following his return from the war. The book provides a narrative of events during Mark's service with the 1st Cavalry Division in 1971 and how that experience has informed his life in the years since.  In addition, Reluctant Soldier, Uneasy Veteran includes blog posts, short stories and poems that expand on the narrative.  Mark's story is one piece in the mosaic of the American War in Vietnam.  It is unique as to time, place and events but also speaks to the universal experience of soldiers in war.


“In late April, Alpha Company flew in from Fontaine to relieve Delta Company after they walked into an ambush and three men were killed.  We delayed taking off because jets had napalmed the area, and we had to wait for the fires to burn out before we could land.  When we did land, the jungle was still smoldering and blackened.  It had the look, feel and smell of hell on earth.”
From “Reluctant Soldier, Uneasy Veteran” - page 50

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